Supplier Profile - Ordinary Supply


Manitoulin Marketplace & The Island Jar are proud to provide our Local clothing line, created by Ordinary Supply, a Kotn company and Certified B Corp, based in Toronto. They use Direct-Trade Egyptian Cotton to create incredibly soft, breathable, and stylish pieces of clothing you can feel good about, and will last!

Grown in only one place in the world — the Nile Delta — Egypt’s “white gold” has lengthy strands that create thinner, silkier yarns, which allow for higher thread counts in the fabric, improving the softness, durability, and breathability of the fabric.

Unfortunately, since 2001, there has been a 95% decline in demand from big corporations that opted to go with cheaper options. As a result, millions of farmers, weavers, and craftspeople are struggling to make ends meet.

By working directly with cotton farming families in Egypt, Ordinary Supply & Kotn want to rebuild the industry from the inside. They make their own fabrics from raw cotton bought direct from farmers at guaranteed prices. Like farm-to-table, but for your clothes. Cutting out the middlemen allows them to maintain 100% transparency throughout their supply chain, ensuring fair pay and ethical treatment along the way.

Their cotton is then sent to their cut-and-sew factory outside Alexandria. The responsibly-run operation employs locals, securing their craft and their livelihood.

They use OEKO-TEX® certified inks and dyes for all of their products and printing. By keeping every other step of production within 150km, they’re also able to reduce carbon emissions from transit by an estimated 75%.

To stop the cycle of child labour, Kotn also partnered with pro-literacy organizations on the ground in the Nile Delta. In 2017, they completed the funding and construction of their first school, and have raised enough money to fund a second one. Improving the literacy rate for kids in Egypt will help to improve quality of life for the next generation.

We want to encourage sustainable fashion, and provide you with wardrobe staples that are high quality & durable...NOT fast fashion
. Check out the Local line of Island Jar gear created by Ordinary Supply, including Ts, Long Sleeve Ts, Sweatshirts, Hoodies & Joggers!