RIse Kombucha - Orange & Turmeric 1L

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RISE Kombucha has been brewed in Montreal, Quebec since 2008. 

Kombucha is a sparkling beverage made by fermenting tea and sugar with a symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast (SCOBY). Kombucha contains probiotics, organic acids and antioxidants that help with digestion and support the immune system. Real kombucha is raw, unpasteurized and filled with good bacteria and yeast that have many health benefits.

This Orange & Turmeric kombucha warms the soul with ginger, vanilla and turmeric on an oolong tea base that tastes bold - never bitter. Plus, it's refreshing so you'll feel brighter and lighter. You can't buy happiness, but you can bottle it!


Filtered water, cane sugar*, carrot juice*, kombucha culture*, oolong tea*, lavender*, chamomile*, fresh ginger juice*, turmeric*, orange juice*, green tea*, vanilla extract*, xanthan gum, carbon dioxide.

*Organic (Certified organic by Québec Vrai)