Reducing Environmental Impact

Packaging & Shipping Supplies

In order to minimize our impact on the environment, we send out all shipments in recycled boxes and use recycled packing supplies, so you may notice some branding on the boxes that's not ours. We pack most boxes with old editions of the Manitoulin Expositor, so you can catch up on the local news too! We encourage you to reuse the boxes if they still have some life left in them (giving a gift, have a cat, or have a kid who's looking for a rocket ship?). If they're no longer usable, please recycle the box and packing supplies. Thanks! 

Carbon Offsetting 

Although we’re trying to minimize our own environmental impact with the packaging portion of Manitoulin Marketplace, we realize that the transportation portion still has an impact. We have implemented a Carbon Offset program, and are aiming to not only have the marketplace become carbon-neutral, but actually make a ‘climate-positive’ contribution.

In order to do this, we have chosen to support a Gold Standard Carbon Offsetting project (as recommended by the David Suzuki Foundation) as a way to "reduce emissions globally and create sustainable development benefits for communities around the world".

We are aiming to have a positive impact on our planet, rather than simply becoming carbon-neutral. Basically, we're calculating the amount of carbon emissions created by The Island Jar and Manitoulin Marketplace, and supporting development projects that are working to use agricultural waste to provide clean fuel for heating and cooking, that will reduce carbon emissions by at least the amount we're using, and we're aiming for more! 

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