Luna Nectar Jade Roller

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"An all-natural moisturizing serum to achieve greater longevity of lashes and brows.
A moisturizing oil-based serum for all skin types for deep hydration, composed of 15 botanicals.
A hyaluronic acid serum infused with calming antioxidants for a smoother look to the skin.
A non-greasy hair serum for achieving the look and feel of improved density.
A topical magnesium spray with aloe vera and lavender.
A dry shampoo for all hair colours, infused with adaptogens horsetail and He Shou Wu.
A moisturizing charcoal scalp scrub to magnetize buildup out of hair, leaving voluminous shiny hair and an improved scalp environment.
An ancient beauty tool to boost circulation, look and feel of skin, and lymphatic drainage."


Jade stone