Locally Sourced Thanksgiving Dinner Fixings *PRE-ORDER*

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Build Your Own Thanksgiving Dinner:
Price varies depending on options you choose

We've got all the fixings for a beautiful, locally sourced Thanksgiving Dinner (or fall harvest meal). This is a pre-order, and your order will be available following the pick-up/delivery schedule below.


PICK-UP will be Thursday Oct. 8th (4:30-5pm) at The Island Jar. To choose this option please select 'Pick-Up In Store, Next Business Day 4:30-5pm' when you check out. If this time doesn't work for you please contact us and we will arrange an alternate time on Friday Oct. 9th.

DELIVERIES within Little Current will be made Thursday Oct. 8th (deliveries will leave The Jar at 4pm). To choose this option please select 'Delivery to Little Current' when you check out.

DELIVERIES to the rest of the island will be made Friday Oct. 9th (deliveries will leave The Jar at 12pm). To choose this option please select 'Delivery to [your community]' when you check out.

We will be accepting pre-orders until September 30th.

Choose from the following pre-order options (you can choose from any or all of the categories):

Local produce from island farmers, including Three Forks Farms, Gypsy Family Farm, and The Garden of Eatin', as well as a couple of items from Pfenning's Organic Farm)

  • Meat (turkey and ham)

All antibiotic- and hormone-free, sourced from Martin's Country Market

  • Pies (regular pumpkin pie, gluten-free pumpkin pie, vegan apple)

Made fresh in our kitchen and frozen so you can bake at home (instructions will be included)

Made fresh in our kitchen with fresh organic cranberries from Patience Fruit & Co. in Quebec.

For more information on any of the items, please click on them. All items can be ordered individually, or packaged together.