Heartwood Mushrooms - Sea Buckthorn Reishi Tea 65g

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As described by Heartwood Mushrooms:

"Flowers and buds, caps and stalks, roots, leaves and berries; the raw constituents in our blends can be used as stand-alone tisanes but are far better when used in combination. This enhances certain qualities of the tea to promote wellbeing and can be used as an effective preventative medicine. As growers and crafters of tea, we know how a fine tea is nicely accented by the medicinal or sensational qualities to enliven and nourish the senses.  

Our Sea Buckthorn Reishi Tea Blend is harvested from our Sea Buckthorn bushes and blended with what is commonly known as Reishi. This mushroom has an affinity for the immune system, which has numerous medicinal actions that promote wellbeing and resilience. Caffeine-free tea made from the silvery leaves of sea buckthorn is rich in nutrients and antioxidants. It has a delicate green tea flavour, which blends beautifully with our added Tulsi and Rose floral notes.