Heartwood Mushrooms - Immunity Blend 65g

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As described by Heartwood Mushrooms:

"Flowers and buds, caps and stalks, roots, leaves and berries; the raw constituents in our blends can be used as stand-alone tisanes but are far better when used in combination. This enhances certain qualities of the tea to promote wellbeing and can be used as an effective preventative medicine. As growers and crafters of tea, we know how a fine tea is nicely accented by the medicinal or sensational qualities to enliven and nourish the senses.  

Our Herbal Mushroom Blend consists of Tulsi, Reishi, Damiana, and Rhodiola. Each ingredient offers its own varied constitution of medical properties with non-specific resistance to adverse influences like stress. Plants with these abilities are commonly called adaptogens and are a class of plants thought to fight stress and balance the body. This class of plants is commonly used as an ally in self-care regimes, contact your NHP (Natural Health Practitioner) to see what herbs are best for you!"