Handmade Mugs - Feather and Fern

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Available Designs:
Please select designs from drop-down menu to see photos of each design. Please note mugs are handmade and designs vary slightly for each piece.
Important Note:
Mugs are currently available for in-store pick up only

These mugs are hand built using a black clay body. Each mug is rolled out, cut and textured, then formed into its own organic shape. Seams are accentuated to highlight the fact that the mugs are uniquely handmade and though the steps are the same each time, no two are identical. Every mug is fired in the kiln twice, the first firing is called the bisque fire then the mugs are ready to be glazed and fired again.

While the finished pots are safe for the dishwasher they are NOT microwave safe, iron oxides in the clay and glazes can cause the pot to become very hot in the microwave.

There are three styles of mugs available:

  • Lake Huron Waves (a turquoise and dark blue mug with wave texture)
    • inspired of course by the beautiful water that surrounds us here on Manitoulin
  • Fern Study (a fern textured mug)
    • inspired by the gardens that surround the maker's studio
  • Jade Green Tonal (striped or solid - please select each option from the drop-down menu to see photo)
    • left untextured and simple in its design to allow the warm jade colour to shine

These beautiful mugs are available for pick-up in-store at The Island Jar only.