Glass Mason Jar Mug - The Island Jar

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The Island Jar's glass mason jar mug with a handle is a great way to enjoy cold drinks, smoothies, etc. and cut down on single use take out cups!

The metal lid (included) has a hole for a straw (separate purchase), but you can also use any solid mason jar lid on the mug.

Carry it with you and ask for your favourite drink in your mug instead of a take out cup, or fill it up at home and bring it with you to school/work or in the car - if you're visiting Manitoulin Island, stop in at The Island Jar for a Green Discount on your drink if you bring your own mug! 

Check out these beautiful reusable straws to use with your mug!


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The Island Jar Slogan "eat well. do good. feel better."


The lids should be hand washed and dried immediately to prevent rusting. The mug itself can go in the dishwasher, but to preserve the print, hand washing is recommended.