Experience: Playing With Fire (August 29th, 7-9pm)

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Learn the art of making fire without the use of matches, using a bow drill and flint and steel. In this workshop, participants will learn how to harvest fire starting materials from the landscape, how to create their own bow drill kit from natural materials, and they will also have the opportunity to practice both techniques (i.e. bow drill and flint & steel) for starting a fire by friction. Participants will also learn about fire making ethics and other considerations. Enjoy a wildcrafted snack prepared over the fire.


At home in the outdoors, Scott is a student of the Tom Brown Jr. Tracker School based out of New Jersey, and is currently completing Level Two of the Kamana Naturalist Training program through the Wilderness Awareness School. He is passionate about living off the land and learning about traditional skills and also enjoys sharing his passion and knowledge with others. 'Playing With Fire' is just one of the connective land based workshops Scott and his partner Sarah, Co-founders of Flint + Flora, offer on Manitoulin Island.

Date & Time:

August 29th, 7-9pm*

*There will be another Playing With Fire Experience on July 4th from 8-10 pm - click here to register for that date.


$45 per adult

$20 for kids 12 and under


Located just south of Gore Bay. 13178 Hwy 542.

Contact Information:

Email: flintandflora@gmail.com or call/text: 705.210.0422 for more information.