BULK - Chickweed - 1/2 cup

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Chickweed is a common plant, particularly throughout Europe and North America. This low-growing annual has a thin hairy stem with pointed oval leaves. It produces small, white, star-shaped flowers throughout much of the year. Chickweed also is known as mouse-ear, satinflower, starweed, starwort, tongue grass, white bird's-eye, winterweed, and chickenwort.

Chickweed has been used as a folk remedy for centuries for many conditions, including asthma, blood disorders, conjunctivitis, constipation, inflammation, dyspepsia, skin ailments, and obesity. Chickweed extract has been used internally as a demulcent, but is more typically used externally for the treatment of rashes and sores.

There is no indication that any of the plant's constituents possess therapeutic activity. Its vitamin content is too low to be of therapeutic value. A review of clinical research suggests that the plant is not actively under investigation, as there are no new pharmacological data to report. There is no recent published clinical evidence to guide dosage of chickweed.