Beam Paints - Paintstones

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Note on Colours:
See description below for colour options

Paintstones are lightfast pigments, tree sap, Manitoulin honey, and gum Arabic. 

Anong (of Beam Paints) says:

"When I make paint I think about my Dad a lot, he taught me when I was really small to identify hematite and look for paintstones. He kept them in his art bag in a little cloth wrapper, and when he needed paint he brought them out and prepared his paint for ceramic bowls, drums, or rocks. I really wanted something of my paint making practice to share the tactile joy of the physicality of paint, and this is it! 

These little jewels, are also about our values and support our respect for the earth and being plastic free. They are wrapped in waxed cloth off cuts from a great Manitoulin business and are our answer to halfpans! Free your art kit!!!"

Each paintstone is wrapped in waxed canvas made by Chemistry + Craft, a business on Manitoulin Island that creates high quality, ethically handmade bags using local beeswax.

Note on Colours:

- Number corresponds to number in image of colour spectrum
- Ojibwe name is listed first
- English name is listed second
- Pigment code is listed last

(1) Neebin Giizis’aande – Summer Sun Red – PR170

(2) Dwaagi Mskwi Inaatig – Fall Sugar Maple Red – PR83

(3) Qwedjihgun'aande – Bread – PY42, PR101

(4) Dwaagi Azaadibuk'aande – Fall Poplar Yellow – PY74

(5) Ziigwun Azaadibuk'aande – Spring Poplar Leaf PY74 PB15.1

(6) Pitchii waawnun’aande – Robins Egg Blue – PW6, PG7

(7) Zaagigaan’aande – Lake Huron Teal – PG7

(8) Gchigaaming – Great Ocean – PB29

(9) Geygaa Naakshek’aande – Almost Night/dusk – PB15.1

(10) M'kde'aande Black – PBK11

(11) Waabshkaande White – PW6

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