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3 Day Juice Cleanse: Local & Cold-Pressed by Juicy Jen's

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Will be ready for pick-up or delivery Aug 7th

Below is a description on what this juice cleanse will include. 

*ORDERS PLACED BY Tuesdays at midnight will be ready for pick-up or delivery Friday the same week.

This three day cleanse is $140 and you'll receive fifteen 500mL juice total. There is also a six day cleanse available for $270 and you'll receive 30 juice. For the six day cleanse, you simply freeze half of them and take five out of the freezer per day after the first three days. 
There is no added sugar, no added water, no added salt, no preservatives and no high pressure processing...simply pure fruit and vegetable juice done cold-pressed style (a slower process so the nutrients aren't heated up and damaged in the process). Every juice is made fresh to order and you can either pick-up at the store or have it delivered to your door island-wide. This juice is best if consumed within three days fresh or a few months frozen (in plastic bottles only).